Physics 218, Mechanics Spring 2015
Joseph Ross

Sections 522-526, 236; TR 5:30 lectures

 General course information: 

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What do you need for this course?
You need to buy a text and a "Clicker", you need access to the Mastering site for homework (the code normally comes with a new text, see below), and you must get access to SmartPhysics for pre-lectures, and WebAssign for labs.

Text and Online Homework: Young and Freedman University Physics, 13th edition is the same text as used for the last few semesters. You need vol. 1 for this course, though if you take physics 208 which uses vol. 2 you could perhaps get the volumes packaged together. The online homework site that comes with the text is Mastering, or "Modified MasteringPhysics"; if you buy a version of the text without the online access, or a used text, you will need to purchase online access separately (unless you have a valid account from previous semesters). This could cost more in the end, so please include the online access cost when deciding what to purchase. I don't currently recommend online-only versions of the text, which can lead to frustration when servers or internet connections go down.

Clickers: You need an iClicker for quizzes and polling during the lecture. The current version is iClicker2. For this class, the "iClicker1" is also fine; some of these may still be available. You can't use clicker devices from other companies; the transmitters in the TAMU classrooms only work with iClickers. If buying a text in the bookstore look for the rebate coupon which may be used with these devices. Instructions for registering your clicker are given here; you need to do this in the first week.

Important links:
  1. Prelecture site: SmartPhysics. Also see the instructions for registering. The access code to register for my class is e7fe16c7.
  2. For labs: Go to WebAssign, except that the first time you log in you should do so through the WebAssign tamu registration site. Also see these registration instructions, with a brief guide to using the site, and a more detailed explanation here..
  3. For homework, lecture-slides from our class, and grade postings go to eCampus. If you are registered for one of my sections you will have a link for our class once you log in, and there is a link for the Mastering homework site from that page. Also see the instructions for registering for the online homework system, and also from Pearson some details on browsers, grading, and tech support (which is from last year, so the browser information may be slightly out of date).
  4. For Clicker registration go here and click on "Register Now" link. Also see further instructions for clickers.
  5. Recitations: you should go to the pre-ICE page in advance of the recitations in order to prepare for the weekly group assignment.
  6. Further information can also be found at the Phys 218 course-wide website, which has links to some of the other lectures, with additional useful info such as old exams.

 Exams, formula sheets, other help: 
Exams will include both multiple-choice and partial-credit questions. Each exam will have a formula sheet attached to it, providing some of the basic formulas. You may not use other notes during the exams. It is a good idea to use these when studying for exams so that you are prepared. Note that currently these are last year's formula sheets; in case of any minor updates please check again before the exams. Previous exams from recent semesters are posted here. In addition you can see a few of my exams from before we had common exams (they are slightly different format): exam 1, exam 2, exam 3, final exam. Also the solutions for exam 1 (in addition see the numerical correction for the last page), solutions for exam 2 and solutions for exam 3. Solutions for (a different version of) the final exam can be found here.

Lecture slides will be posted, but not here, you can find them on eCampus once you log in for our class.

The Physics help desk will be located in MPHY 135, on the first floor of the physics building. I will post hours as soon as it starts running.

 Other links: 

Exploratorium. See the Sports Science and other exhibits.
"How Stuff Works" pages.
PhysLINK news and reference.
Science News.
The Net Advance of Physics has many links.
The Amercan Physical Society homepage.

Dr. Ross' home page.

Physics department page.
(college of science) TAMU college of Science,
(TAMU) Texas A&M University.

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