Physics 218, Mechanics Spring 2018
Joseph Ross

Sections 543-547; TR 5:30 lectures

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What do you need for this course?
You need a text and a "Clicker", and access to the online homework (reached via the eCampus website, but you need a Pearson-Mastering code which normally comes with a new text), and you must get access to FlipItPhysics for pre-lectures, and for labs, WebAssign (TAMU log-in link).

Volume 1 of Young and Freedman University Physics, 14th edition is the text. (Physics 208 uses vol. 2 in case you find the combined volumes.) If buying a used or older edition without the online access, note that the online homework site accompanying the text is MasteringPhysics; in that case you will need to purchase online access separately unless you have a valid account from previous semesters. Please include the online access cost when deciding what to purchase.

Further links (which can also be found on eCampus if you are logged in for this course):
  1. For Clicker registration go here and click on "Register a Remote". Also see here for instructions.
  2. Recitations: go here and scroll to the bottom for problems which you should work in advance of the recitations to prepare.
  3. Prelecture site: FlipItPhysics. Also see the instructions for registering. The access code to register for my class is 66b33326.
  4. As noted above for the homework assignments go to eCampus. See the instructions here. If you need to purchase access separately from the text, these instructions say not to do this at the Pearson MasteringPhysics website: instead you should follow the purchase link on eCampus. However you might need to go to the Pearson website for technical help or if eCampus access goes down.
Other information:
The Physics help desk is located in the first floor atrium of MPHY, following the stairs down from the hallway behind the lecture rooms.

Previous exams from last semester are posted here. In addition you can see a few of my exams from before we had common exams:
exam 1, exam 2, exam 3, final exam.
Solutions: see solutions for exam 1 (and note the numerical correction for the last page), solutions for exam 2 and solutions for exam 3. Solutions for the final exam can be found here (but note that is from a version of the same exam with different numbers).

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Exploratorium. See the Sports Science and other exhibits.
PhysLINK news and reference.
Science News.
The Amercan Physical Society homepage.

Dr. Ross' home page.

Physics & Astronomy department page.
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