Physics 305,  Advanced Electricity and Magnetism II

Joseph Ross, Texas A&M University

Spring 2012

General course information:

The course syllabus is found at this link. The required text, Introduction to Electrodynamics (Third Edition), by Griffiths, should be in the bookstores. You will likely have this text if you are continuing from Physics 304 in the fall semester.

(In case you have an uncorrected 1999 3rd edition, here is the list of text corrections.)
This course covers approximately the material in the last 6 chapters in the text.

In case of problems email me at .

Homework and lecture notes:

See the postings on the homework page as the course proceeds.

A few useful links:

Well-done simulation of actual field of solenoid, among other things.
Here is an integration page from Mathematica.
Also, a related page on series expansions.
Description of Fourier Series from MathWorld.
A nice list of integration tables you can purchase.
Here is the Wikipedia page with a compact table showing the gradient, curl, etc. in curvilinear coordinate systems.
PhysLINK news and reference.
Science News.
The Net Advance of Physics has some reviews and many links.
The Amercan Physical Society homepage.

J. H. Ross' home page.
TAMU Physics Department page.
Texas A&M University.(ATM image)

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