Physics 416, Solid State Physics

Joseph Ross, Texas A&M University

Fall 2016

General course information and notes:

The Course Syllabus can be found here. The course text is Kittel, Introduction to Solid State Physics.
Also here is a bibliography of additional references on the course material.

Course handouts and slides:

    Handout 1: course introduction and overview of materials properties, start of crystal properties unit.
    Lecture slides from Aug. 31, and from Sept. 2, Sept. 5, Sept. 7, on chapter 1 topics.
    Chapter 2 topics: Sept. 9, and Sept. 12 slides, x-ray scattering handout from Sept. 14, and slides Sept. 16.
    Chapter 4: slides from Sept. 19, Sept. 21, Sept. 23, and Sept. 26.
    Chapter 5: slides from Sept. 28, Sept. 30, Oct. 3.
    Chapter 6: slides from Oct. 5, Oct. 7, Oct. 10, Oct. 14,
    Chapter 7: slides from Oct. 17, Oct. 19, Oct. 21, and also the prinout of the calculation showing the Nearly Free Electron model.
    Chapter 9: slides from Oct. 24, Oct. 26.
    Chapter 8 and 17: slides from Oct. 28, Oct. 31, Nov. 2, Nov. 4, Nov. 7, Nov. 9, Nov. 11, Nov. 14 (updated).
    Chapter 18: slides from Nov. 16.
    Chapter 10 (superconductivity): handout from Nov. 18.


    Homework 1.
    Homework 2.
    Homework 3.
    Homework 4.
    Homework 5.
    Homework 6.
    Homework 7.
    Homework 8.
    Homework 9.

Further information:

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A few useful links:

Crystal Lattice Structures page: originally at Naval Research Labs, now hosted here.
Semiconductor properties and structure viewer.
Here is a set of slides on on Fourier Analysis and Image Processing.
Spotlight article: photonic bandgap materials.
Spotlight article: acoustic bandgap materials.
The Fermi Surface database has a complete listing for the elements.
Brillouin zone info with examples and programs.
A Nanotechnology page from Zyvex, with many links.

More general links:

PhysLINK news and reference.
Science News.
The Net Advance of Physics has some reviews and many links.
The Amercan Physical Society homepage.

J. H. Ross' home page.
TAMU Physics and Astronomy Department page.
TAMU Materials Science and Engineering Program.
Texas A&M University.(ATM image)

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