Physics 617, Physics of the Solid State

Joseph Ross, Texas A&M University

Spring 2017

General course information:

The Course Syllabus can be found here.
Note the updated office hours now on the syllabus. Email me if you would like to meet other times and I am not in my office.
Also here is a bibliography of additional references on the course material.

Course handouts:

Slides and handouts will be posted here as the course proceeds.
Handout 1 - Jan. 18, on general properties of solids, with outline for Chapter 1.
Jan. 20 notes on Fermi Gas model for free electrons, and Sommerfeld expansion.
Slides Jan. 25 and Jan. 27: overiew of transport in fermi gases and metallic systems, and introduction to crystal symmetries.
Slides from Jan. 30 and Feb. 1: crystal lattice symmetries and examples; lattice planes and reciprocal lattice.
Feb. 3 x-ray scattering notes.
Slides/notes from Feb. 6, Feb. 8, Feb. 10: more on elastic scattering; Bloch states in periodic lattice, Brillouin zones.
Feb. 13, Feb. 15, and Feb. 17: NFE model, band structures, tight binding model.
Slides from Feb. 20 and Feb. 22; also Hartree-Fock class notes and followup slides on this topic.
DFT and semiclassical dynamics, from Mar. 3, Mar. 6, Mar. 8.
Lattice vibrations, from Mar. 10, Mar. 20, Mar. 22, Mar. 24.
Resistivity in metals, Fermi liquid theory, neutron scattering: Mar. 27, Mar. 29.
Semiconductors: Mar. 31, Apr. 3, Apr. 5, Apr. 7, Apr. 10.
Magnetism handout, April 17.
Superconductivity handout, April 26.


Homework 1.
Homework 2.
Homework 3.
Homework 4.
Homework 5.
Homework 6.
Homework 7.
Homework 8.

Other information:

Here is a sample exam, likely to be comparable to exam 1, and also a second exam (probably similar to our coverage on exam 2).
(These exams were open book, using a different text, so some details may be not quite equivalent).
Also here is a sample final exam.
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A few useful links:

The Fermi Surface database has a comlete listing for the elements.
A Nanotechnology page from Zyvex, with many links.
Atypical Superconductors, describes a variety of interesting systems (and also look at the other pages at
Crystal Lattice Structures page: originally at Naval Research Labs, now hosted here.

More general links:

The Amercan Physical Society homepage.

Rossgroup research home page.
TAMU Physics Department page.
The TAMU D3EM program: Data-Enabled Discovery and Design of Energy Materials
Texas A&M University.(ATM image)

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