Physics 617, Physics of the Solid State

Joseph Ross, Texas A&M University

Spring 2017

General course information:

The Course Syllabus can be found here.
Note the updated office hours now on the syllabus. Email me if you would like to meet other times and I am not in my office.
Also here is a bibliography of additional references on the course material.

Course handouts:

Slides and handouts will be posted here as the course proceeds.
Handout 1 - Jan. 18, on general properties of solids, with outline for Chapter 1.
Jan. 20 notes on Fermi Gas model for free electrons, and Sommerfeld expansion.
Slides Jan. 25 and Jan. 27: overiew of transport in fermi gases and metallic systems, and introduction to crystal symmetries.
Slides from Jan. 30 and Feb. 1: crystal lattice symmetries and examples; lattice planes and reciprocal lattice.
Feb. 3 x-ray scattering notes.
Slides/notes from Feb. 6, Feb. 8, Feb. 10: more on elastic scattering; Bloch states in periodic lattice, Brillouin zones.
Feb. 13, Feb. 15, and Feb. 17: NFE model, band structures, tight binding model.
Feb. 20 slides and Hartree-Fock class notes.


Homework 1.
Homework 2.
Homework 3.
Homework 4.

Other information:

Here is a sample exam, likely to be comparable to exam 1, and also a second exam (probably similar to our coverage on exam 2).
(These exams were open book, using a different text, so some details may be not quite equivalent).
Also here is a sample final exam.
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A few useful links:

The Fermi Surface database has a comlete listing for the elements.
A Nanotechnology page from Zyvex, with many links.
Atypical Superconductors, describes a variety of interesting systems (and also look at the other pages at
Crystal Lattice Structures page: originally at Naval Research Labs, now hosted here.

More general links:

The Amercan Physical Society homepage.

Rossgroup research home page.
TAMU Physics Department page.
The TAMU D3EM program: Data-Enabled Discovery and Design of Energy Materials
Texas A&M University.(ATM image)

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